Wedding Show Fun

Wedding shows are an interesting thing.  Especially for photographers.  We are generally introverts, kind of shy people.  Or at least I am.  Don't get me wrong.  I love people.  But I feel like I have an awkward and bashful side, especially when it comes to conversation.  And I meet new people all the time.  So almost everyday I make an attempt to overcome said awkwardness and bashfulness as I get to know  a new bride.   At these shows, I meet about 100 new brides for only a few minutes.  Hello awkward potential.  It can be a bit daunting but luckily I have Gabe and I love my job.  This year we had a great time chatting with everyone and showing them what we are all about.  I focused on just being me and meeting lots of lovely brides-to-be.  Turns out, it's not so hard.  Did I mention that I had Gabe by my side?  I love that guy. I felt great the the show this year.  I LOVE our booth.  We brainstormed, went to antique shops, and bought patio furniture so our booth would meet our eclectic and cozy vision.  I think we succeeded.  I even bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion.  I will use any occasion as a reason to buy clothes and shoes.  The shoes were unbelievably painful, but boy, were they cute.  I managed to wear them the first and last 30 minutes of the five hour show.

Another great aspect about this year's show was Jacki Allen's WOW Event.  I went to the mini conference and had the pleasure of listening to Tara Guerard, Elizabeth Messina and Janie Medley.  These ladies are three "greats" in the wedding business and they had a lot of insight to share with us.  After they spoke, we went to Spindletop for a reception where I got to chat even more with Janie and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is an extremely talented photographer and I am very inspired by her work.  Janie runs a very successful blog (The Bride's Cafe) for bride's and she is a blast.  Oh my goodness, I learned so much!  Thanks to Jacki, Jaimeson and their team for organizing this wonderful event.

Anyway, here's how the booth played out:

Ta da!

Gabe bought these flowers to spruce up the booth.

He also found these fabulous antique cameras!  We used our bookshelf from home to display our bigger prints.

Gabe's mom found our easels.  They were perfect!

Gabe is ready usher in the brides.

Below is our crown jewel of the booth: the coat rack.  My mom tied perfect bows to our prints so we had another way to display our work.   I borrowed Joy's veil (one of our 2010 brides, thanks Joy!) and used a pair of my heels to top it all off.

The painful, yet beautiful shoes are in the background of the picture below.  They did go great with the dress.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the MLP booth!  Happy wedding planning!