Rachel and Matt: Georgetown Engagement Session

It is late on Saturday night.  Usually I am on the couch, recovering from a wedding on Saturday night.  But we didn't have one this weekend.  And yet, I still have weddings on the brain.  So I edit.  Gabe and I saw Thor tonight.  I enjoyed it more that I thought I would.  I thought it was quite funny and I always like seeing Anthony Hopkins, especially as a one-eyed god/king.  It seems that lots of gods either are one-eyed and/or seven feet tall and blonde.  Such was the case in Thor.  Three stars for me.  I am a fan of the comic book movies... after Gabe explains what is going on and as long as I have a bag of Raisinettes by my side. Rachel and Matt are a fun and lovely couple.  It didn't take much to get these two to smile in front of the camera.  They were already so happy.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they are getting married!  I had the privilege of shooting at Evans Orchard, Rachel's family farm.  It provided a lot of colorful backdrops and even a couple of goats.  I want to go apple-picking there in the fall.