Tashina and Josh: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding

Hello and goodbye! As soon as I post a few pictures here of Tashina and Josh, I have to pack and go to bed. Why? Because Gabe and I are leaving in the morning for our California wedding on Friday! We leave early tomorrow, I am going to a workshop with Amelia Lyon on Thursday, the wedding is Friday, and then Gabe and I are going to vacation for a few days.  We will be posting our adventures on here, so stay tuned for those. For now, Tashina and Josh.  I didn't want to leave for a week without posting a few of this beautiful wedding.

The wedding was at the always fabulous Talon Winery and the event was orchestrated by Always Planned.  We had a great time with Rayna, Mallory, and Jenna.

Molly Baker did Tashina's lovely up-do and Kris did her make up.  Beautiful!

Florals done by Beth at Ivory Rose!  Always a winner!

Rayna and Mallory's handiwork below.